Cruise ship mattress

cruiseship mattress

A mattress is a body supporting part of a bed. It is placed in a cot, on a slatted base, a mesh base, or on a box spring and supports the body when lying down and sleeping. There are a lot of different mattresses. For example, you can purchase a cruiseship mattress.

Cruise ship Matress

A cruise ship is a large passenger ship, especially intended for transporting and entertaining passengers during a cruise. So you spend the night on the ship. Cruise ships are known for their luxury and comfort and this naturally includes mattresses. Cruise ship Mattress produces mattresses of very high quality. The material will retard any fire. They are safe, durable and they last a long time. They will ensure an unforgettable stay and pleasant nights at sea.


A waterbed is a bed whose mattress consists of a water-filled plastic bag that is placed in a watertight container. A waterbed adapts perfectly to the shape of your body. The temperature and other matters can be adjusted to everyone’s own wishes. You are less bothered by dust, bacteria, and dust mites in a waterbed, which is a nice idea for many people. Unfortunately, a waterbed does not ventilate and it uses electricity. This bed also requires a lot of maintenance and has a higher risk of defects, such as leakage.

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