Motorcycle Helmet

Having a helmet is one of the safety requirements for every rider. Riding a motorbike is fun, but the rider is exposed and vulnerable to injury in case of an accident. It is, therefore, important for riders to wear protective gears such as helmets for their safety. In most countries, wearing a helmet for both the rider and the passenger is mandatory, and failure to do so is a traffic offence. There are different types of motorcycle helmets in the market such as open face motorcycle helmet, modular motorcycle helmet and full-face motorcycle helmet with each having its unique characteristics.

Shark Helmets

Motorcycle helmet

Shark helmets are built with a focus on security, development and innovation. Each of the shark helmets is rated 4 star by SHARP (a British independent program that tests motorcycle helmet’s safety). Some of these helmet’s features include optimal shock absorption, progressive designs and the inner linings are removable and washable.

HJC Helmets

Established in 1971, HJC is one of the leading helmet manufacturers in the world. The brand is trendy due to its continual innovation and reasonable prices for their products. The company has a research and development centre where they research to make their helmets safer and more comfortable. Users can choose between mid-range and high-end helmets for all helmet types depending on their budget.

Motorcycle helmet

AGV Helmets

This Italian brand has been producing premium motorcycle helmets since 1948. Their helmets are well designed with high-quality finishes to provide high comfort and protection to the rider. AGV helmets are mainly full face, open face helmets; flip-up helmets and motocross helmets that come in different shapes and designs.