Top Used Marine Generator Sets for Sale

Used marine generator sets

If you need an additional power source for your vessel, buying a used marine generator set can be a money-saving solution. In addition to the power from the batteries, your boat, yacht or ship may need more power if you have additional electronic equipment like fridges, microwaves, entertainment systems and many more. Below are some of the top used marine generator sets sets you can purchase from us.


Stamford generators are known the world over due to their rugged reliability and top-class performance. These generator sets are a perfect choice for anyone looking for quality and versatility.

General information

  • Brand: Stamford
  • Model: HCM434C1
  • Condition: Reconditioned
  • Rpm: 1500
  • Kva: 210
  • Frequency: 50
  • Voltage: 400/231
  • Phase: 3
  • Amps:303,1
  • Power factor: 0,8
  • Power rating: Cont.

Specific information

  • Dimension L x W x H (cm): 130x80x140
  • Flywheel: 14inch
  • Flywheel housing: SAE-1
  • Weight (kg): 1000


Scania marine engines have a robust design that ensures reliable performance and durability. The DI13 075M, in particular, comes with a Scania developed Engine Management System to ensure the control of all performance aspects of the engine.

General information

  • Power: 387 HP
  • RPM: 1500
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Kva: 329
  • Voltage: 400
  • Frequency: 50
  • Amps: 474
  • Phase: 3
  • Power factor: 0,8
  • Power raring: Continuous

Specific information

  • Dimension L x W x H (cm): 270x100x200
  • Weight (kg): 3500
  • Governor: Electrical
  • Cooling system: H-E cooled


If you are looking for a marine generator sets with simple technology and easily accessible components, BAUDOUIN 6W105S can be a perfect pick. This generator also offers unmatched life cycle cost efficiency, thanks to its extended mean time between overhauls.

General information

  • Kva: 170
  • Rpm: 1800
  • Voltage: 440
  • Frequency: 60

Specific information

  • Turbo: Dry
  • Cooling system: H-E cooled
  • Exhaust system: Dry