Used buses can be used for a lot of things. Depending on your requirements and specifications, we can offer you the right solution for any of your transport needs. Whether it is for a tender or just for a lease this is the right place for you. Our catalogue only involves buses from the top international brands such as Mercedes Benz and Scania among others.

Category of Buses Available

1. Used Mini Buses
People have various ways of defining a mini bus, we do it according to its length and the number of passengers it can carry. In this group of used buses there are various models all, of them with different carrying capacities. For those that still can’t settle on a bus, the option to modify existing buses is always open.
2. Used Intercity Buses
Intercity buses are famous for their comfort. Add that to their use in long trips between cities or even countries, and it becomes the perfect marriage. Their perfect design makes them well suited for long distances and a large number of passengers.
3. Used Articulated Buses
Articulated buses are easily identified by their huge passenger capacity. They have been designed to transport a large number of people efficiently fast.
4. Used City Buses
Most people that have been to major cities or who live in one, know about city buses. Their layouts and designs make the buses optimized to work within city environments. These buses are mostly ideal in tender situations though. Due to our ability to modify and adjust the buses, we can create and tender winning used city bus.
5. Used Coach Buses
These are much similar to intercity buses. They are designed specifically for long trips with the main goal being comfort. The minor difference is that coach buses carry much less passengers.
Our products are highly customizable with a lot of emphasis being placed on the customer’s needs. We value your needs and wants and that is why we go to great lengths to ensure that we adjust and modify our used buses to your requirements. What are you waiting for? Contact us!

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