Various sorts of used buses available

As Womy equipment supply we want to offer our clients the best of both worlds, that is when it comes down to the rental, sale and service of all kinds of equipment of used buses. We are happy to show you our wide range of used buses we have on stock. On our campus grounds in the Port of Moerdijk, where our main office is situated, there are various sorts of used buses available. We think it is our expertise and years of experience in the field that helps us offer you the service you need. Besides, we not only take care of handling buses, but also other means of transportation, which ensures that our specialists have something that meets your needs.

Find here various sorts of used buses

We have a broad variety of used buses, which are divided in different categories. First of all there are used city buses, which are designed to take customers across the city. Then we have different used intercity buses, which offer customers the comfort to travel further distances. But don’t forget the various used mini buses, coach buses and articulated buses, because they are also represented.

You can find used buses in different forms, categories, colors, from different brands and we are proud that we can present our stock to you with some additional information about each bus we offer. You can find a clear overview of each one of the offered used buses with the type of vehicle, the year in which it was build, the mileage and the number of vehicles we have in stock.

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