Netherlands limited liability company

The Netherlands limited liability company structure is called a ‘besloten vennootschap’ or BV in Dutch. The BV company structure is one of the most common structures used in the Netherlands. This because of the several advantages the BV offers to foreign entrepreneurs.

In the U.S. they call this structure the American Limited liability company, and in Germany the structure is similar to the GmbH.


Starting up a Limited liability company in the Netherlands

It is very easy to start your Dutch company. There are only a few requirements; The Dutch company may have one or more founders and also one of more shareholders can be a legal entity. If the shareholders is a natural person, he can also be the director of the BV company. Big advantage is there are no minimum shares in a limited liability company; you can have 100 equal squares of 0.01 cents if you prefer! This has changed since October 2012; before this date all owners needed 18.000 euro to setup their BV company.  Today it is only required to have a registered office in the Netherlands. The Dike international company has a strong partnership with the Business Center Stadium Breda for hiring offices needed for registration. Check the website for office possibilities or contact Dike International for registration an more services you might want to take advantage from.