New research possible with a discount code

Discount code

Discount code needed? While the general public knows us from our extensive range of discount codes, our surveys are increasingly featured on various popular websites such as, ladies’ and

Discount and popular

It’s not just about the discount code. Surveys are conducted and topics are researched among our very extensive members’ collective. The surprising and sometimes even somewhat entertaining results are popular reading material for various target groups. The various websites post beautifully detailed stories of our investigations. These often go viral on social media channels. In addition to a story, the reader also receives a link to the Trustdeals page. Here members and visitors can make free use of promotions, discount codes and offers.

Discount code

So win-win-win situation:

• The reader has an entertaining story and access to great benefits.

• Trustdeals is working on the mission to connect consumers and advertisers.

• And the journalist has material for a good story.

The latest topic

Also this month we have a new survey with a hot topic. The results of this study examine the relationship between future work success and how many brothers and sisters you are blessed with. The same research also shows that your position in the family, i.e. the youngest member, the middle class or, on the contrary, the pioneer as the oldest in the family, can influence your future working life. People will enjoy taking advantage of it, trumping brothers and sisters or quasi blaming parents with regard to the mapped out opportunities on the labor market.