The best ergonomic keyboard

ergonomic keyboard

Choosing an ergonomic keyboard from R-Go Tools was quick and easy, as there are plenty of options, all at affordable prices within my budget. Due to the recent pandemic, I am now working from home more, but frequently suffer with wrist pain due to typing all day, so needed to find a keyboard with better support. Their perfectly designed keyboards come in two separate parts, for greater flexibility of typing motion versus a standard keyboard. It also means I can use less pressure when typing, giving my wrists more support.

ergonomic keyboard

Ideal for All Day Use

As I struggle with stiffness in my hands and wrists after hours of typing, finding an ergonomic keyboard was essential. The separate sides of the keyboard are also much flatter than a standard keyboard, which means my hands can rest in a better position and I no longer experience a tingling in my fingers after typing all day. I can also move the keyboard closer to my mouse, so I am not having to reach in an awkward way, which has definitely helped my back and shoulders not feel so stiff by the end of the day too.

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