The Best Palletizer Machines


As your business grows and as you stock more and more products, you may want to consider getting an automatic palletizer to ease and fasten the palletization process. The benefits that this machine brings to your business cannot go unnoticed. Palletizers can stack roughly 20 to 30 bags per minute, thus saving you a ton of operation time. These machines relieve your workers from the gruelling task of manually stacking pallets. They also help improve load stability and reduce damage occurring from manual stacking and poorly stacked pallets.

Product Types and Ranges

Votech has an excellent catalogue of palletizers for you to select. If you are short of warehouse space and want a palletizer that occupies only a tiny footprint, you can go for the dynamic or the VPG palletizer ranges. If, on the other hand, you want a palletizer that stacks at least 1500 bags per hour, the VPB and VPC types will do the trick. Votech offers you customization options depending on factors, such as pallet dimension, flexibility, stability, among many more. You can also get a design suitable for stacking boxes, crates and bags. These machines are without a doubt a worthwhile investment since they help save you time and money.