What are the benefits of hydroform?

The last years the hydroform process has been kicked out around the manufacturing industry. This process involves forming ductile metals, such as aluminium, brass and stainless steel into complex shapes.

The benefits of the hydroform process

The application of distributes pressure over a single sheet of metal or through a tube, results in components with many benefits. Some benefits of the hydroform process include:

  • A superior quality
  • Versatility of materials
  • Lightweight items
  • Manufacturing savings

A superior quality

During de hydroform process, the sheet of metal is pressed and never comes into contact with tooling equipment. The chances of damage are drastically reduced.

Versatility of materials

The hydroforming process allows for the use of any ductile metals to be hydroformed. It doesn’t matter if its aluminium, titan or steel: the optimum deformation level can always be reached.

Lightweight items

A component manufactured via hydroforming, exhibit a superior strength to weight ratio.

Manufacturing savings

The hydroform process can save quite a sum of money. Hydroforming generates a little waste from the process and the tooling costs are low. The result is an effective manufacturing process which cuts back on time and production costs.